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Have you ever been on vacation ... or taking a family outing ... where you later wished EVERYONE could have been in the picture? But ... someone had to take the picture and was left out. Or perhaps in order to have everyone in the picture, you asked a stranger going by to take the picture. All was great until you returned home and discovered that the stranger had no clue how to compose a great picture for you! Ahhhhhhhhh ... a lost memory!

Enter photographer Robbi Sapp and kiss those incidents good-bye! Robbi is ready and waiting to go on a Portrait Safari with you or your family! Being on location means "your wish is her command" as she offers photography customized to meet the needs of YOU, the client! The beautiful outdoors of the Pacific Northwest is particularly appealing and Robbi will go hiking, biking, boating, skiing (or whatever) with you to discover that special moment in time! These portrait safaris are especially popular with clients, allowing them to later visit a secure website with password and view and purchase photographs at their leisure.

Robbi enjoys working on location with people on a portrait safari in an environment of their choosing, helping them to feel natural and comfortable, and seeking to understand the vision they have for their photographs. Most important to her is connecting with clients in such a way that naturally evolving photographs emerge from their portrait safari together, capturing a forever magical moment and the beauty and personality of the client's essence.

Click here to contact Robbi Sapp and arrange for her to talk with you about your portrait safari ... or any other apsect of photography! Remember, she is your on location photographer.

Portrait Safari pics can be viewed by clicking below and entering your event password.

Events cannot be viewed without a password.
Contact robbi@robynnesapp.com if you have questions!

Photographer Fee: Corporate, Individual, Group

$125 … includes being "on location" within 50 miles for up two hours $50 per hour for each additional hour. On location at distance over 50 miles will be charged mileage of $.32 per mile, plus any ferry charges.

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Event Pictures & Portraits can be viewed by clicking below and using your password

Contact robbi@robynnesapp.com if you have questions!

JPEGS … low resolution for limited use for website
$19.95 per picture

Finished Prints :

All prints are checked individually and include retouching and cropping.

Wall / Display Prints
Mounted on a heavy art board or real artist's canvas, ready for framing.

24 x 30
20 x 24
16 x 20
Master's Canvas

Small Print Individual Pricing - Mounting is optional at $15.

11 x 14
8 x 10
5 x 7
4 x 6
$ 65
$ 30
$ 8
$ 22

Small Print Package Pricing for Portraits:

All prints are checked individually and include retouching and cropping.
18 Units
14 Units
10 Units
$ 550
$ 440

Note: 1 unit = any of the following

1 (one) 8 x 10
2 (two) 5 x 7
4 (four) 4 x 6
16 Wallet
Pricing includes 3 poses/outfit changes
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