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Robynne (Robbi) Sapp, owner of IMPACT images, says:

"My photography reflects the synergy of mind, body and spirit. On location photography means
' your wish is my command ' as I offer photography customized to meet the needs of YOU, the client!

Indoors or outdoors, I will go hiking, biking, boating, skiing (or whatever) with you to discover that special moment in time! I absolutely LOVE the opportunities for great scenic backgrounds that the Pacific Northwest affords us! My portrait safaris and event packages are very popular with clients, allowing event guests to later visit a secure website with password and view and purchase photographs at their leisure.

From professional business shots to romantic/intimate shots to fantasy shots ... from family photos to children (I also include PETS!), I am available to photograph you in the unique environment of your choice. I also extend my expertise to special events ... holy unions/weddings, corporate events, as well as travel. Through both posed and candid images in black & white or color, the memories I capture will be treasured forever."

Robbi's skills are not only visual ... her spirit seems to resonate with her clients. She possesses the political and people skills so crucial to making a photo shoot succeed in an unpredictable environment. On location recently at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, she shot the cover for Dawn Prince-Hughes' newest book being published by Random House: Songs of the Gorilla Nation. Unfortunately, the conditions were not ideal ... Dawn was on one side of the glass and the gorillas were on the other, unlike when she worked hands on with them. The glass was somewhat smudged and Robbi had to shoot around these conditions, as well as utilize digital imaging to create the photograph that was selected as the cover of the book.

Robbi enjoys working with people, helping them to feel natural and comfortable, and seeking to understand the vision they have for their portraits or candid shots. Most important to her is connecting with clients in such a way that a naturally evolving photograph emerges from their session together, capturing a forever magical moment and the beauty and personality of the client's essence.

Click here to contact Robbi Sapp and arrange for her to talk personally with you about your event, personal/group portraits or candid shots, corporate brochure pictures, marriage ceremony or holy union, or any other aspect of photography!

Remember, Robbi Sapp with IMPACT images is your on location photographer!

More about The Photographer:

Receiving her first camera (Kodak Instamatic) at age 8, Robbi would find any opportunity to "run away" to take pictures of the cows in the nearby field. Thirty years later, her love for people, animals, and life, along with her keen eye and passion for photography have come together to create IMPACT images, making real Robbi's desire to make an IMPACT and touch lives through photography.

Robbi says, "Realizing at a very young age that I wanted to be a photographer, it was natural for me to do my Grade 9 vocational report on professional photography. Interviewing and spending time with photographers in their studios was part of the project. One well-meaning photographer kindly said, 'being a photographer is nice, but you really can't make any money unless you own your own studio, and if you own your own studio, it will run your life.'

Several years later, still feeling the 'gnawing' for photography, especially travel photography, I wrote to National Geographic Traveler Magazine to inquire about qualifications necessary to be hired as a photographer for the magazine. Their reply: 'You need a Doctorate in Photography.' For some people, that might have inspired them. For me, being a kinesthetic learner, it seemed like an unattainable dream.

For nearly 30 years I believed that being a photographer could not be a reality for me… and because what we believe is true, I wasn't. As a result, I took a different career path, one that I have thoroughly enjoyed, but I also realized that living your passion cannot be denied. I have also learned that my 'gnawing is my knowing,' and that nobody can take my dream from me!

"During this time, one of my favorite quotes has been 'Let's deluge the world with the ultimate dancers, people who feed their soul with work and feed their work with soul. Soul will see us through.' Tama J. Kieves, Author of This Time I Dance! Trusting the Journey of Creating the Work You Love. Nothing and no one can ever keep me from dancing again!"

Being a lover of the outdoors, Robbi takes advantage of the activities available to her in Whatcom County, spending her leisure time hiking, biking, skiing, beachcombing, and riding her motorcycle. Born and raised in Grays Harbor County, on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, Robbi currently resides in Blaine, WA with her life partner, Dotti Berry, and their Standard Poodle, Rylee

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